About the Company

Rackofy is a personalized, one-stop-shopping online gift giving service that caters to every customer.


How is Rackofy Different?

We set ourselves apart from the competition by taking a new approach to the standard ecommerce model.

→We created an intuitive website using an icon-based platform.

→Our gifting service guides customers through a set of targeted questions that produces a 'shopping profile'.

→At the end of each questionnaire we provide customers with 5 premium gift options that are selected based on current demographic market research trends.

→Customers have the option of personalized gift wrapping/card/and delivery service


A Unique Opportunity

Rackofy's goal is to provide a product that matches every interest. That's where your company comes in. Whether you're a small, independent business that caters to a niche market or a big brand name, we want to hear from you. We believe that every vendor has something unique to offer our company. Contact us and see how your business can grow and thrive in partnership with Rackofy.


About Becoming a Vendor for Rackofy

1. Listing your product is free

2. Email us for more details


We understand that vendors put their heart and soul into crafting and managing their products. We strive to honour that hard work and dedication by creating the best possible platform for you to display and sell your merchandise.