Step 1

Type Of Gift

Rackofy offers two options for the first stage of the gifting process. For general shopping the customer would select "Find me a Gift" which displays all of Rackofy's available merchandise. Alternately, the customer would select "More than a Gift" which would allow the user to add onto the present with customizable card and giftwrapping options.

Step 2

Selecting the Occasion

With 12 different occasions to choose from, you'll never have trouble customizing a unique gift.

Step 3

Selecting the Recipient

Rackofy provides the customer with 9 gift recipient options: family member, extended family, siblings, children, grandparents, relationship, friends, teachers and employees. With a wide variety of merchandise available to match any taste, finding the perfect gift for whoever's on your list has never been simpler.

Step 4

Selecting the Gift

Simplify gifting by using your preferences to create a selection of our top 5 premium gifts.

Step 5

Delivered in Style

Once you've selected and customized a gift to your liking Rackofy takes care of the rest, delivering to an office, apartment, or house. Giving and receiving a customized present has never been this convenient.